Ultra Lift emits low frequency sound waves to relax the facial muscles responsible for making expressions. Ultra Lift is best used in areas of the face where expression lines are formed, such as the outer corners of the eyes, in between the brows, the forehead, sides of the bridge of the nose and the nasolabial folds.   Ultrasound Technology delivers the energy to tighten these Structures along with the benefit of producing New Collagen that creates added Firming Power and Smoother more Supple Skin. 


 Low Frequency Ultrasound

Technology – Low Frequency Ultrasound.

How it works – Ultrasound energy stimulates the deep structural   support layers of the skin and muscle areas.

What it does – Lifts and tightens the skin on the neck, under chin,   jawline, brow, around eyes and treats wrinkling and sagging skin.